What is a Care Report?

  • It's a parent's advantage to have good reliable information on child care - it's a necessity to be assured that your information is accurate and from experts in the field.

  • It's for your convenience. Your report will include all care providers (i.e., centers, homes, agencies or camps, your choice)  in three zip codes of your choice - for example choose two zips near your home and one near work or any other area you prefer your child care to be located!

  • It's inside information that makes a difference. All child care centers in your report will be licensed with the State. This is critically important! With your report you won't have to check each center's licensing and determine whether it's up-to-date! All providers will be lawfully providing child care based on the State's rules and regulations.

  • Knowledge others parents won't benefit from. Find out about child care centers in your area you won't find in the yellow pages - in fact, only 60% of all child care centers in the United States are listed in the yellow pages. If you're looking for family day care homes, 99% of all homes are not listed in the yellow pages.

  • Useful information you'll use a lot! Because you'll know all the licensed centers or providers in your area - you'll benefit by referring to your child CareReport over and over again.

  • Gain peace of mind for yourself, your family and your child!

  • Save time and frustration!

  • Use the time you'll gain for other important things! With your CareReport the only phone calls you'll have to make are to the child care providers of your choice!

  • It may be the single most important thing you do as a parent.


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