Child Care Centers
Preschools, Nurseries and Center-based Programs

"A child care center is a facility designed for children that offers care for groups of children, often separated by age and developmental groups. In the US, they are licensed by the state and must meet state standards for child/staff ratios, teacher training and group size. Centers are operated by for-profit and non-profit entities and one third of all centers are located in churches."


  • Child Care Centers

  • Preschools

  • Nursery Schools

  • Montessori Schools

  • Before and/or After School Programs

  • School-Age Care

  • School Holiday Care

  • Summer Programs

  • Drop-in Care

  • Back-up Care

  • Summer Care

  • Seasonal Programs

  • Part-time, Part-week and Part-day Care

  • Sick Care

  • Special Needs Care

  • Kindergartens

  • Religious-affiliated Programs

  • Special Accredited Programs


"Employed parents change child care
arrangements three times a year"


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